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Higher Ground
A postcard from the Meher Pilgrim Retreat
by Robert Fredericks

Higher Ground is a personal statement
a postcard, sent to my friends and family
to show them what I was up to in the period of
October 2005-April 2006.

It is video shot of the fellow artists and their artwork
who I spent time with during the final stages of the
completion of the Meher Pilgrim Retreat Building.

The music is the music i would listen to or feel within myself while I was working there framing photos of Beloved Meher Baba.

For instance, the song "Welcome" seemed to me to be very fitting for the entire Meher Pilgrim Retreat project.

Another song entitled "Watch The Stars" has a double meaning, one) each night I would go on the roof of the Meher Pilgrim Retreat and see the amazing canopy of the heavens that the view would afford and two) it also refers to watching the artists do their work, whom I considered to the "stars" of the show. And which ,really, this video is about.

Higher Ground is a reference to Steve Wonders song about reincarnation and also the fact that Meher Pilgrim Retreat sits on the highest ground of Upper Meherabad.

Because this is a personal film, and uses music that was meaningful to me, i cannot publish the work online for the world to view, as it would cost tens of thousands of dollars to get the copyright permissions for the songs. So i am using the web as a means of delivering this postcard to my family, my Meher Baba family, and my friends. Therefore the video is private,password protected, and only available to those mentioned above. To receive the password, email me here
and i will send it to you.oklahuma@cobaltwhite.com

Jai Baba
Robert Fredericks
June 15th 2006